Monday, February 23, 2009

Why Accessorize When You Can STYLEYES?

1) Who is STYLEYES?

I’m an artist, photographer and designer.

2) Where did the name come from?

STYLEYES is a vision I have to let the world see style thru my eyes!

3) How long have you been clickin' pics?

Well, if clickin' a polaroid counts। Wait, I think I just showed my age. Professionally for a year.

4) Of course photography is your passion. Do you have any other passions?

Absolutely! I love custom cars and motorcycles so last year I started a photography business specifically for enthusiasts and owners ( I also produce hip hop and electronic music with my brother, hoping to become one hit wonders someday (

5) How did you fall into the photography game in the first place?

About 5 years ago, I started representing a photographer named Jay Fletcher who's known for shooting celebrities, athletes, entertainers, etc. (। During that time I handled all the marketing and PR for his business which lead to dealings with record labels, design firms, fashion magazines, etc. I began to see how closely related the fashion and music industries were and wanted to create my own style of imagery for each.

6) What is the weirdest thing that has ever inspired you to shoot?

The irony of you asking this question! I was shooting a model named Drealito James right off North Ave in this abandoned lot w. trash everywhere. When we were done shooting and heading back to the car, I noticed a toilet and a road closed sign laying on the side of the road. I couldn't leave well enough alone so I started coming up w. ideas to shoot Dre on this toilet. Lets just say he shut that road down the rest of that afternoon but learned some really important fashion tips, I think? see attached pic.

7) Who is your idol?

My 87 year old grandmother who is the matriarch of our family.

8) could one get in front of your camera?

Well that depends on how far your willing to go? But most would visit my site at where u can find recent pics and contact information.

9) Living or dead...who would you shoot if you could? Describe your vision.

I dont know if I would be comfortable shooting dead people so im gonna go with living। Having said that, it would definitely be Santa Claus just to prove to everyone that he's real.

10) If you could choose anywhere to shoot, where would it be and why?

Greece. Its the most beautiful place Ive ever been and greeks are gorgeous so its impossible to shoot a bad pic!

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