Monday, February 23, 2009

Jamie Nichols

Diva - Beyoncé

Modeling is a freeing experience for me. I feel like I come alive in front of the camera. Red hot six foot redhead,

Jamie Nichols, talks about the past ,

present, and future.

When I was a little girl my aunt would dress me up and take pictures of me. I soaked in fashion magazines my aunt read and thought it would be fun to play dress up for a living! Nowadays, I don’t just want to take a pretty picture, I want to make a statement of some sort. I hope to further my career with EMG and I feel like I’m known by management and they really want to help me on my path.

With a slight frame and strong presence, Jamie is the missing element from your next project. You can book her at More photos of Jamie can be seen at

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Christian of Villiger Art

Sublime Lightworks Website:

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2009 Fandom Calendar: Miss November

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