Monday, January 26, 2009

Inside the Dee

D. Flores, of Deelite Photography,

who was featured in Six Degrees Magazine, is a phenomenal photographer who has a clear vision of what fashion is really supposed to be. D. Flores, a humble man whose creative juices seem to always flow, let’s us inside to take a peek with a little Q and A at the man behind the camera.

How did you end up in fashion photography?

Basically by default really. I did photography as a hobby and played around with nature photography, still life (etc) but I was always a fan of fashion photography. I always wanted to try it, but without being formally trained, I was too shy but, after years of graphic design work, figured it was time to go for it.

What about photography feeds your passion the most?

Creating magic! I have to be inspired or something about the shoot has to inspire me. There's nothing like the excitement of a new shoot and the anticipation of a great product. I'm an artist and this is my art. I also enjoy meeting people. That's a huge part of this business.

What are your goals in terms of your photography?

I want to be a famous photographer. Whether it's famous musicians, models or politicians, I want to photograph the movers and shakers…those that leave a lasting impression in our world. I have a clear goal and it is moving full steam ahead!

What is your take on the fashion industry in Atlanta overall?

We are the capital of the south and we are definitely making our mark. Slowly but surely that is. A lot of people end up moving, but I think we need to stick together in the industry and bring the attention here. There's so much great talent here and it needs attention. People associate Atlanta with Hip Hop and not fashion. They are wrong. We are more diverse then just one style of music or look.

We know you have models covered. Do you have anything for actors?

Sure. Check out and go to the Gallery and click on People. I do headshots and a little more.

Is it true that you are opening up a new studio?

Indeed it is true. And the studio is open already. I'm excited about the prospects and also to hang my hat at my own place (lol).

What else do you have lined up in the near future?

We're looking into more fashion mixers to promote local talent. We're also looking to do more live photo shoots and fashion shows. I want to take the photo shoot experience to a live audience and make a performance out of it. Much like Rock & Roll, it will be unpredictable!

If there was one model you could shoot, who would it be and why?

Oh wow, there's so many. I love the Victoria's Secret girls...but who doesn't? Instead of a model, I think I'd like to shoot some of my favorite rock bands of all time. That would be a dream come true for me.

Are there any other photographers that inspire you? Who and why?

Certainly in fashion it would be Markus Klinko. The guy has my dream job! Another photographer would be Anton Corbijn. Aside from spectacular photography for rock bands, he also designs all the art work for the packaging of the CD's, DVD, directs music videos and also designs the stage set for musicians. Photographers like these inspire me and keep me humble.

How long have you been doing photography?

Professionally for 3 years now. It's been an exciting ride and one that I'm not planning on getting off from any time soon.

Check out D at to see his masterpieces!

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