Monday, January 26, 2009

GRIND IT UP! with Donna Coffee

Morning, Morning, Morning, do not look at the time just be glad you are inside of it! This column will enlighten you in the glimpse of dark times, so you will be impressed to feel like it is morning at all times. As a Creative Director, The Arts is a field that has a matrimonial hold on me, and like most of our readers, has my heart. Grab a cup of whatever it is you like to sip and relax, we can get the truth out here, don’t worry, it is just between us… for now…

Grind It Up is Edutainment at its finest and various points to ponder will be available every month for you to not only intake, but apply in your everyday lifestyle and definitely within “The Industry”. Marketing is my business, but education is my life. By the way I am Donna “Morning” Coffee, your host of Grind It Up. I have been a part of “The Industry” for over 10 years now. I know what it is like getting up everyday, wanting dreams to come true and sometimes not wanting to wake up to the hard work that it takes to manifest those visions. Whether it be a terrible experience on a photo shoot, or a client’s impossible request, or a friend or family member not supporting your dreams of doing whatever it is that you do, we are going to throw it in the grinder and we can drink it or throw it away, it is our choice.

Grind This: Life is full of choices, but also full of boundaries. It is up to you to get caught up in either spectrum. Our first topic of discussion will be about choosing the right part of “The Industry, concerning The Arts to be inside of. Just because you are absolutely gorgeous, tall, and slim it does not mean that you are a model, DO NOT GET CAUGHT UP in people’s claims over your life before you have claimed it on your own first. You may be an excellent spoke’s person that trains people about products and services that a company has to offer. While you are still a model, you are in another class all your own. A CLASS ALL YOUR OWN, this is where you want to be when dealing with “The Industry”. Your appeal and stature may book a million dollar client and you walk away with 20% of the take, and once you get familiarized with this process, the company makes you a partner and you get 50%. Imaging that. You are still modeling, just in another class. DO NOT GET CAUGHT UP in runway, or print, or catalog, or commercial titles for modeling, you can be your own model, make your own way. Keep in the front of your mind that the Y in the road also has a middle portion.

Grind This: Calling all actors, dancers and singers. Anyone in that has to use their talents in these capacities full knows that The Performing Arts have to be the most difficult so we will grind slow here. I would tell you to intern at a theatre, film studio, or on the set of a show, but you already know to do that. I would also further explain to you that this industry is about whom you know and how they know you, so you better get to know some top notch people, but you also know that as well. The thing that you probably are not aware of is the fact that becoming a publicist or a script writer is your best route to take if you are finding difficulty “breaking a leg” on your first take. Think of it this way, you are still acting, you also have full autonomy of each character, your audience, and overall your project. Making money should not be your target in your dream, wake up and smell the coffee, you are going to make money no matter what, your focus should be more geared on how long, how much, and where you are going to direct those funds afterwards. You may say you are not a good writer, but if you are a good actor, trust yourself, you can most definitely write as well. What better way to approach a director to say, “I would like to work with you on this script that I wrote”, and then they see you acting it out and give you the role? Make your own way.

The Truth doesn’t hurt, it just stings a little, don’t run from it, GRIND IT UP!

Brought to you by The Grinder, Donna Coffee, taste & c you in the morning.

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