Thursday, March 26, 2009

2009 Men's Fashion Trends

Men's suits: cuts, styles, what to buy and how to wear them

Picking a new suit is never an easy task; there's the cut, the fabric and the quality all to worry about. Though men's fashion trends change at a slow pace, and suits slowest of all, 2009 will see a major move away from the monochromatic skinny-boy suit to something a lot more masculine and adventurous. But don't worry, the slim cuts aren't going anywhere. Click to read more on men's suits in 2009 including our tips on buying the perfect suit.

Accessories for men: Brooches

Accessories for men are few and far between, but with the gradual revitalization of men's fashion, coupled with a greater proportion of men willing to express their individuality without fear of sexuality orientated labeling, the men's brooches have emerged as a new category for men looking for that extra something. Read the article for Daniel P. Dykes' exploration of the styles and influences of the latest "hoorah" in men's accessories.

Deep V-Neck on Tops trend for men

Men It's one of the key cuts across men's clothing in 2009, and yet the Deep-V Neck has Daniel distinctly worried. Will deep v-neck cardigans be its saving grace, or will men be wearing it in completely the wrong way and throw 2009's men's fashion to the wall? Click here to read more on the deep v-neck trend.

Goth Ninja Menswear Trend

Swathed in layers of black fabric and leather, they may not be aiming for stealth but they sure are channelling the ninja. Bubbling up from the underground comes this growing menswear trend. Click here to read more on the goth ninja trend of 2009.

Tuxedo / Dinner Jacket trend for men

The death of the dress code factors in on the new wave of tuxedo dressing for men. Pairing dinner and tuxedo jackets with more casual elements is not unusual for 2009, though if you're looking to pick one up a timeless cut will last forever. Click here to read more on men's tuxedos and dinner jackets, and how to wear them.

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