Thursday, March 19, 2009

Model of the Moment - Mireille Murad

Sooo, you from Georgia?

Yes, born and raised from GA- a Georgia Peach! Even so, I do have international parents. My mother is French and my father is Lebanese.

If there was something you wanted to be known for, what would it be and why?

It used to be that once I graduated from Georgia Tech I wanted to be known for Atlanta Fashion Week, however, somebody beat me to the punch. Now I would just like to be known for helping boost the Atlanta Fashion Industry.

Hot or Cold. Which best describes your personality?

Cold best describes my personality perhaps because I am driven and tend to be stubborn and independent. Don’t get me wrong though, I’m hot to and love to network and be seen.

How many years do you have under your belt in the fashion industry?

For over 15 years.

Where did you get your start with modeling?

I started modeling as a child for The Limited Too clothing doing freeze pose modeling in the mall window. Then I signed with an agency that wanted to send me to Milan for modeling but missing school and swimming training was not an option for me. I was recruited to do collegiate distance freestyle swimming at Georgia Tech then I had to give up the modeling. I was juggling too many balls with family, academics, and swimming. I retired from swimming after 1 year after I injured my back. Soon thereafter, I went back to modeling and worked with great photographers such as Patrick, Drexina, Dwayne, and Anthony who took me under their wings to get my book redeveloped.

What do you have planned for in the near future?

In the near future I’d like to incorporate dance more- perhaps Aerial/Trapeze and Belly dance or Asian/Indian dance. I am also learning photography. I shoot a range from events, models, or weddings. I currently plan fashion shows and would like to continue to do so. Apart from the arts, this year I am hoping to learn the stock market more as my father and sister have been extremely successful in it and it’s always good to learn the things that others close to you do.

We know that you are a drop dead gorgeous model but what ELSE do you do?

Aside from being a runway model and photographer, I teach at a local finishing school.

Being 5'10, do you find that men (and even possibly women) are intimidated by you?

Being 5’10 is really great. It would not have lead me to making top 100 on America’s Next Top Model and having the opportunity to go down to FL for the gruesome 12 hours of interviews and mug shots for the 2nd to last cut before being on the show.

I love being tall and still rocking the tallest pair of shoes- no sense in buying granny style flats and jeopardizing my youth and height. I don’t mind towering over the men and women. It actually intimidates a lot of other people and, quite frankly, I don’t get approached as much because of it.

Outside of physical attributes, what would you consider your best quality?

My work ethic and persistence are my best qualities. Sometimes when things get to be too much, I do forget to eat and relax but I really enjoy what I do.

If you had access to loads of indispensable cash, what would be the first thing you did with it?

I would buy Chanel dresses to expand my closet. I would have some tech nerd hook me up with a computerized closet so I could be type in “red shirt” and the red shirts would roll around towards me or “silver pumps” and all of the silver pumps would pop out.

You can see more of Mireille at!

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