Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Warm, Cool, & Perfected

Makeup artists deserve the title “artist” because they play with colors to enhance and highlight your natural beauty. Most people aren’t blessed to have a makeup artist who is willing, cheap, and available to follow you around all day touching up the masterpiece they applied to your face earlier. With that said, it is important to know what colors are best for you. If you do not pick the right colors for your complexion, they may actually do more harm than good and you could end up looking more like a circus attraction instead of the vampy sex kitten you tried to be! If you have any doubts, it may be best to consult a makeup artist but, until then, here are a few tips to tide you over.

A good idea would be to select a celebrity who has similar skin tone, hair, and eye color. Pay attention to the colors that she wears and then play around with them on your own face. If you decide to tan, this will change the color pallet that is right for your face so be sure to keep this in mind.

Most women fall into either the cool (fair toned) or warm (darker toned) categories. Once you identify if you are cool or warm, you can pick colors according to the codes of the cosmetic lines. They have tones for both cools and warms in almost all colors. If you follow this code, you most likely, will enhance your beauty.

Cool Colors

· Skin Tone: Olive, Rosy Brown, Medium Fair Rosy

· Hair Color: Dark, Black, Blonde, Brunette (with the exception of Golden Brunettes)

· Eyes: Blue, Green, Hazel

Warm Colors

· Skin Tone: Golden (in any tone), Medium Fair

· Hair Color: Golden Brunette, Red, Strawberry Blonde

· Eyes: Hazel, Dark Brown, Medium Brown

Some people have a bit of yellow undertones in their skin putting them in the cool category. Some people have a bit of warm and cool tones (which is rare). For example, if your skin and eyes are cool but your hair is warm, you will use a mix of colors: warm in the warm features and cool in the cool features.

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