Monday, September 14, 2009

MIND FREAK D. Austin...step inside his world

How many can say they've had the opportunity to get inside the mind of a freaking fashion photography genius? Well now is your chance. Read on to get the goods that ONLY EMG can provide you.

1) So D., in regard to the components of a camera, which part would best describe your personality and why? In regard to the components of my camera I am the Lens; visual and searching for the right moment to capture. I think visually, speak in visual terms, and imagine things before I act or decide.

2) Thinking back to the days of the "Supermodel", who would you be honored to shoot? I would love to work with Grace Jones, Iman, Beverly Johnson, Naomi Campbell,Or Alek Wek (although she is a current model). I love their complexion, their personalities, and business savvy.

3) What inspired you to get behind the camera? Travel. A cross-country family vacation from California To New York and back is where I got my training. I haven't put down the camera since or stopped dreaming of shooting in other places in the world.

4) What is your greatest achievement? My daughter...and being able to do what I love to do - take pictures!

5) Who gave you the best gift you ever received and what was it? The best gift I ever received was honest, innocent love from my daughter and true love from my girlfriend. Actual physical gifts I don't know; things break, get lost, or wear out. I value personal experiences more than physical things nowadays.

6) If you could have your work featured in any fashion magazine, which one would you die for to be included in? Lol..I am not gonna ever die if I don't get into some magazine! Although, I would like to shoot for Time Magazine, Vogue (of course), Surface, French, Sports Illustrated Swimsuits, And Zink.

7) So we heard you are writing a book...can we get the inside scoop? The book is a collection of sepia images I take while traveling. It's titled "The Untimely Pursuits Of Pleasure", its a collection of images depicting things people do when they should be doing more important things or situations that seem ironic on the calling in sick to work and then going to 6 Flags, or a "cougar" couple: the older man with the younger woman. I do this sometimes; when I should be editing images or email invoices, I just ignore it all and go shoot for hours and hours. One time I had a 3 hour layover in Washington DC. I had never been there before, so I left the airport, ran around DC taking as many pictures as I could..that part of the book is called 178 Minutes In Washington DC. Those moments make the best pictures! I like the idea of all the images being in sepia because its a classic quality.

8) Do you think that photographers fall into a stereotype? If so, why? Photographers all have the same skill set and general passion; some people may try to stereotype us because of that. What makes us different is how we see the world and that makes us personally satisfied with an image at the end of the day. Each photographer has his/her own unique "process".

9) Every photographer has their signature...what mark do you leave on your photos? I don't tag or mark my images. My images vary greatly. I don't have a signature or style other than the images being compelling...I sign my name different every time.

10) If you had barbed wire, an unlimited supply of cotton balls, a bald African model with a statuesque stance about her, and a fluffy, cotton red blanket with tons of matching overstuffed red would you shoot her? The wire would be leading from my camera like streams of light, the cotton balls would be placed on colorful lollipop sticks in a field, the model would be tastefully nude throwing imaginary bolts of light back at the camera leaping,smirking, gracefully dueling with the camera, wearing the red blanket as a cape, at dusk with the sun behind her. It would be in Black & the classics!

11) So if I wanted to check out you work...where can I go?

If you truly aspire to be a fashion icon, we suggest you check out the infamous D. Austin!

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